My first “sports injury” (maybe)

I woke up this morning with an annoying pain in my left bicep, but only when moving my arm to a certain position.  It felt like a trapped nerve or something, and it’s not something I’ve ever had before.  Therefore I blame Wednesday’s work-out for tweaking something or other in there.  Whatever it was, I became aware of how it would affect today’s WOD, as it contained power cleans and that meant moving my arm into the position of pain (elbows high and out as the bar comes up to your shoulders).

A nice easy one to end the week with. Awww.
A nice easy one to end the week with. Awww.

Familiar ground with the first two parts – front squat and push press, so I was determined to go up another few kilos on those today.  The Burgener warm-up was when I realised my left arm wasn’t going to enjoy the AMRAP later on, but the arm positions for the front squat and push press were fine, and there was no pain at all.

My previous best on the front squat was 35kg, but I started at 30kg today (just to make sure my arm could take it), and worked up to 37.5kg over the five sets.  I had a rack to myself, so I didn’t have to keep changing the weight for a partner.  My shoulder mobility must be improving, as my technique feels much better now.  The bar isn’t digging into my collar bone as much, and sits better on my shoulder rack.  I’ve also addressed the tendency to lean forward when going into the squat.  You don’t realise how important technique is until you’ve been doing this sort of thing for a few weeks, and there’s so much to remember for each type of lift.  Weightlifting requires careful attention to detail, which is why I never bang the reps out – I set myself properly, and do each rep carefully.

For the push press, I improved from 30kg to 35kg.  I’m not far off the magic 40kg I set myself as goal for front squat and push press a couple of weeks ago, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that next time we do this routine during the next cycle of these work-outs.  That will represent a 100% increase from when I first started.

As for the AMRAP, the power cleans were out because of my arm, and it also didn’t help when hanging from the bar and trying to do a knees-to-chest movement.  So instead I did six reps of 9kg medicine ball cleans, which is essentially mimicking the movement of doing it with a barbell, but with er, a big heavy ball.  Instead of the knees-to-chest I did six sit-ups – it all crunches those abs!  I can’t even get anywhere near doing a toes-to-bar yet, so I didn’t attempt that.  I need a stronger upper body and core to get myself into the ridiculous position required, but one day it will be mine.  I managed seven rounds of medicine ball cleans and sit-ups in the seven minutes allowed, which I didn’t think was too bad.  I was knackered enough at the end of it.  I noticed that some of the others were struggling with the toes-to-bar by the end.

Even the girls are better than me ...
Even the girls are better than me.  For now …

How the hell does Jess front squat 50kg?  She’s tiny.  I don’t mind though – it shows that I have a lot of potential, and a long way to go.


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