Punish me. Harder. OK, not that hard …

My wife and I went to Leeds for the weekend.  And while there, I ate some very naughty food.  Nando’s, burger and chips, hotel fried breakfast (times TWO!), biscuits, chocolate, and Pepsi (other cola brands are available).  Dirty Boy!

We got back home at around 15.00 today, and I could easily have cried off CrossFit until tomorrow, but tomorrow is the Royal Marines 350th Anniversary WOD at our box, and it looks evil.  Then again, this hardly looked inviting:

Punishment for all that naughty food. Don't pity me.  I deserve it.
Punishment for all that naughty food. Don’t pity me; I deserved it.

Nonetheless, I consider this to be the lesser of two evils, and so I reserved my place at the 17.30 work-out, and drove there actually looking forward to it.  Well, the first bit was the “easy” bit – just do some power snatches.  I learned a little more about technique tonight, with the coach moving me into the correct position.  I almost had it, but I need to lean forward a bit more.  But I was fine with 25kg on the bar.  I suppose I should have scaled up towards 30kg, but I’m going to leave that for next time.  The high-hang snatch is just out of reach at that weight, I feel.

And then  the nasty bit – the “Filthy Fifty”, as it’s known.  Fifty reps of just about everything you can do in a CrossFit box – box jumps, pull-ups (or ring rows if you can’t do them), kettle-bell swings, walking lunges, knees-to-chest (or leg raises if you can’t do those either), push press, sit-ups, wall balls, burpees, and double-unders (or 100 singles, with the washing line, remember?)

It just sounds horrendous, and it was.  I started out OK, but I had to do them in a different order to above as there weren’t enough rings for the ring-rows (I can’t do proper pull-ups yet, and some people were “cheating” with jumping pull-ups), so I let the girls next to me do theirs first, and I got my 50 KB swings out of the way instead.  By the time I was down to the push press (bar from shoulders to overhead with a slight dip of the knees first, remember?) I had to do ten of them, and then do ten of something else just to keep my body from tiring of the same thing over and over.  So ten push press, ten sit-ups, ten wall balls, then maybe twenty-five single-unders, and back to ten push press, and so on.  As long as you do them all, that’s my preferred way of doing it.

I managed 15 burpees before I went down too hard on my left arm, and made it hurt.  That was enough for me.  I can live with doing only 465 of the 500 reps available, and I posted a time of 35 minutes and three seconds.  Not bad, considering the fastest at the 06.15 session (yes, that’s 06.15 in the morning) was 29 minutes.  How I did those wall balls is beyond me.  I HATE those things.

Still, I think I worked off some of that shitty grease I shovelled into my mouth yesterday, and I’ll be going back Wednesday morning to work some more of it off.  De-load week, my arse …

Work-out 13 - unlucky for some, but just a nightmare for everyone attempting it.
Work-out 13 – unlucky for some, but definitely a nightmare for everyone attempting it.

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