Short but sweaty

The work-outs that look the shortest time-wise are always the ones that kill you the most.  This is because more reps of tough stuff are packed into the available time.  Today’s WOD required so much writing that it went over onto the second white board.  So here’s the first three bits.

It looks a lot, but most of this is just different scaling levels.
It looks a lot, but most of this is just different scaling levels.

Because everyone is at different levels with their weights, and what they can and can’t do strength-wise, it took all that room to write down the different scalings!  For part A I did ring rows and squats.  I can do pistols (squatting on one leg) with the assistance of two rings, but there’s no benefit to be gained, as I tend to rely on the rings to let my weight down, so my quads don’t do any work.  No cheating the WOD, remember!

Part B was slightly harder, but only with regard to push-ups.   The hang cleans were nice and easy at 25kg, but after 15 press-ups my body decided it didn’t like me any more, and threw a wobbly.  It’s only six minutes, but you don’t realise how quickly your body starts to tire of repetitive movements at speed until you do it.  To be fair, I did practise some 50% handstand push-ups in the rest period (feet on a box behind you, and press your head down into the floor with your arse in the air), but I decided that I wouldn’t be able to do eight of them in a row without collapsing.

But if that was bad then part C was the worst.  Dead lifts – no problem at 40kg (I thought 70kg was pushing it for level 1 men, as 60kg almost broke my back a couple of weeks ago).  Burpees over the bar means you do a burpee, and then jump sideways over a barbell you have set up next to you (the one you used for the dead lifts), and then do another burpee, then jump back over and so on.  By the time I got to the skipping I was knackered, so I was only able to do 25 of the buggers at a time, and I’m stuck on singles remember, so I had to do 100.  I still can’t do a double-under, but one of the girls showed me a way to learn them without getting too frustrated.  I need to spend a while mastering these things, as they look cool when done properly – she did 50 in a row, effortlessly.  I only managed two-and-a-bit rounds in this part.  Bloody washing line …

Is there no end to this?
Is there no end to this WOD?

Part D – back to the ring rows for the weaklings (that’ll be just me then, getting my arse kicked by the girls again), which was fine, as chest-to-bar pull-ups aren’t happening round here any time soon.  But thrusters are evil.  I decided to have 25kg on the bar for these instead of going lighter for speed.  I figured that as I was completely finished by this stage anyway, there was no point in treating this last bit as a race – build a bit of strength instead.  In this round you did two reps of each exercise, then four of each, then six, and so on.  I got up to the eight thrusters, and managed six of them.  I had to drop the bar between each of these last six once it was over my head – I had nothing left to do two consecutively.  To be honest, I was watching the clock counting up to the end of time, and paced myself accordingly.  That was one HARD work-out, make no mistake, but of course I enjoyed it!  I’d stop going if I began to fear this shit – I have too many things that need mastering before that happens.

Four minutes rest between each six-minute burst of activity was just enough to reset yourself, but my sweat-drenched T-shirt told the story well enough.  I’ve started bringing a spare one with me, as driving home with my back sticking to the seat isn’t very nice, and it probably doesn’t do the seat any good either.

A word on the “Bingo balls” mentioned at the top of the first image, in case you were wondering.  The trainer who is currently devising all of our WODs has become increasingly frustrated with people leaving their clothing and equipment lying around the box after a work-out, so if you are caught you have to have a go on a toy bingo ball machine he brought in.  Whatever number comes out – that’s how many box-jump burpees you have to do as punishment.  The first victim got 75 – a harsh lesson.  Mind you, they’ve become so successful a deterrent that the girl who manages the admin has now started threatening people with them if they don’t use the online planner to book their sessions, as we’re supposed to do every time.  She was in with her laptop for the 17.30 session on Monday, telling off the naughty younger lads who tend to just turn up without booking.  Then it was laptop away before joining the rest of us for a good kicking. 🙂

Today’s results:

Mixed results, but I didn't do too badly.
Mixed results, but I didn’t do too badly.

One more day of non-running before it returns on Monday …

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