Phase two – engage!

The start of a new month, and my second at CrossFit.  Having had three days off, it was time to get back into it and see how much my muscles remembered about repetitive movements.  As it happens, they didn’t do too badly at this little lot:

A stiff work-out
A stiff work-out to start a new cycle (the bit at the bottom says “50 air squats”)

Warm up consisted of lots of shoulder, chest and hip stretching in impossible positions, but it always does – you have to get the bits that are going to do all the work warmed up nicely.  A quick check of my poncy phone app revealed that the last time we did clean and jerk, I managed 30kg.  So I started at 35kg for three sets, and then went up to 37.5kg.  I managed fine with that for the remaining five sets.  I discussed the possibility of doing the split legs for the jerk with the coach, but he suggested there wasn’t much benefit in it at the moment, and I could work on that later.  The girls in front of me were doing it though, and with lighter bars!  Given the heavier weight I’m now lifting up, I found myself muscling the bar up on a few reps, instead of lifting with high elbows and getting underneath it.  Perhaps I should start squatting down into the clean, to enable me to catch the bar earlier, instead of remaining upright.  That would be a level 3 move (squat clean and jerk as opposed to power clean and jerk), so I’ll try that next time.

As for running – I’m getting better despite all my moaning.  I felt a lot more comfortable with the 400m runs tonight.  It’s just all those 50 reps of stuff you have to do when you get back that did for me.  Despite finishing my last run before six other people, I still finished my squats after them.  My legs were shot though.  Must go faster …

Should have gone faster
I should have gone faster than this, to be honest.

Still, not too shabby.  I remain a faster runner than the Captain, and he’s been doing this for six years now.  He’s more of a weightlifter though, if I’m being fair.

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