A running theme (running 400 metres)

I impressed myself tonight with my running.  The last time we did 400m runs with something else on the end in a certain amount of time, I didn’t get back in time to do even one of whatever the thing was.  Squats, burpees?  Something like that.  Tonight we had two minutes to run 400m and then do as many kettlebell swings as we could in the time remaining.  Times five.

When did Wednesdays become so arduous?
When did Wednesdays become so arduous?

My overhead squat still needed work tonight, and I had a little advice on my posture.  I tend to lean forward with my knees when squatting with a bar over my head, whereas I need to stick my arse out backwards instead.  As for the floor press, I did 25kg last time out so I decided to be ambitious and start with 30kg for a couple of sets, which then became 35kg for the remainder.  My arms felt ready to fall off by the last rep.

As for the running, we had lots of young men at this evening’s WOD, so plenty of competitive fast runs between them.  I kept up generally for the first two runs, and then tailed off over the last three.  I had a conversation with someone afterwards, and I mentioned that one guy said he was “saving himself” for the last run.  We couldn’t work out why – we both agreed that you may as well do the fast stuff when you’re fresh at the start.  That’s how you improve, apparently, according to one of the veterans I spoke to, so I’m going to stick with going fast at the start.

I managed 26 kettlebell swings over the five runs, as I was back at the box with between 10 and 30 seconds to go each time.  And I did the full American swings too, not just the Russian ones (look it up).  The coach noticed my running has improved quite a bit, and said so too.  I feel quite smug. 🙂

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