Box jumps and burpees and kettlebell swings …

… these are a few of my favourite things.  If those nuns had got Julie Andrews into shape doing this shit instead of faffing over her, she’d have soon got her act together.  She could then have made those privileged von Trapp kids do a few 800m runs, followed by 50 wall balls.  If it’s good enough for me …

The Sound of CrossFit
The Sound of CrossFit

Well, you’ve seen the first two parts of this a few times already.  The new strength cycle begins this week, and the aim is to gradually increase your weight.  My PR for the front squat was 42.5kg, set ten days ago.  So no messing – get 45kg on the bar and let’s do it.  I was only just able to manage this weight, and my chest kept coming forward as I stood back up; It’s supposed to stay as straight as possible.  I wasn’t helped by being told how to do it “properly” by a somewhat opinionated individual with whom I was sharing the rack.  I *know* it’s not right and needs work – you don’t have to tell me EVERY SINGLE REP.  Or remind me how to breathe, bless him.

As for the push press, I’m still stuck at 35kg.  My arms were a bit sore, and a few reps didn’t feel as if they wanted to go all the way up.  At least I didn’t scale down from my PR, as with the clean and jerks at the last WOD.

Maybe my body was secretly saving itself for the MetCon at the end.  The 21-15-9 things always look so easy when you see it written down, but then you get halfway through the set of 15 burpees and it starts hitting you.  There were 14 of us at the WOD today, and I wasn’t confident of finishing anywhere near the front of the pack.  But in a shocking development, I finished a few seconds behind the three fastest girls, the ones who are the fastest at everything.  Had I not had a little rest in two of the burpee sets, I reckon I would have “won”.  Not that anyone’s getting competitive or anything …

A girl who appeared to be at our box for the first time (but who has done lots of CrossFit before) was impressed at my speed given my age and complete lack of sustained physical training up to this point in my life.  “You’re 41?! Really?”  I sometimes wonder if I’m actually better than I think I am at certain things.  I may well be – I don’t know.  It’s either that, or they’re just patronising the old man with the greying, balding hair.  I should point out that the fast girls were all doing the same level as me, so it’s not as if it wasn’t a level playing field.

Workout 19 results
I would have been nowhere with this MetCon six weeks ago

Oh, and I used my new wrist wraps today, and I felt they made a difference on the front squat, which has now progressed to the stage where the bar is no longer digging into my collar bone.  Progress indeed.

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