Now that might be a good idea …

I don’t know what it was but I didn’t really feel in the mood for this last night.  I was so disinterested I couldn’t even be arsed to write this post about it:

Overhead squats - bloody evil things
Overhead squats – bloody evil things

I felt even less like it when I spoke to one of the girls I regularly work-out with, and she told me she was going to do the beginners’ Olympic weightlifting class instead (these weekly classes run alongside the Wednesday early evening WOD, at the far end of the box).  I started thinking that replacing the Wednesday WOD with that class might be a good idea, as it would give me more of an insight into how to string together all the individual lifting movements that we do in the WODs.  I mean, one doesn’t do “Olympic Push Pressing”, or “Olympic Overhead Squatting”.  They are, inter alia, component parts of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, the two Olympic and World Championship weightlifting categories you see on the TV.  The reason we practise the component parts is, I assume, to make us better at the finished product.

So why not do some beginner classes to start stringing it all together?  After all, I’ve been at it six weeks now, and I have a good idea of what is required to perform a decent snatch or clean and jerk.  I just need to hone the individual parts.  And it won’t cost me anything extra either, as it would count as one of my three-a-week sessions.  The only annoying thing is that when I’m on a week of lates I won’t be able to go, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

That said, back to the business at hand – overhead squats and some good old running.  Up to now, I’ve been stuck at 15kg for the OHS while I sort out my technique and improve my shoulder mobility.  I decided this was the time to start ramping it up, so I took the 20kg barbell and put 2.5kg on each end.  No problems there, and my posture was good throughout (no leaning forward as one tends to do with more weight), although by the last set my legs were shot.  I wonder how many squats I’ve done since I started CrossFit.  It has to be around a thousand or more.

Talking of squats, I can’t say I was filled with joy by the prospect of running 200m and then doing as many squats as I could do, all in a minute.  Or that we had to do it ten times with 45 seconds’ rest between runs.  I knew that with a one minute time cap I was only going to get one shot at the squats on the first run, when I was “fresh”.  So I blitzed the first run and manage two squats on my return.  On the remaining nine runs I was between 20 and 30 feet from the door when time was called.  Some of the young lads were absolutely caning the running, but I’m too told for that sort of shit so I was happy just to take the cardio benefit after my first banzai effort.

We finished off with some dishes (lie on your back and raise your legs and arms straight out in front of and behind you, while keeping your back on the floor, and hold for 20 seconds – it’s harder than it sounds unless you’ve got a strong core) and arches (lie on your front and do the same, so you look like Superman flying – slightly easier, but it hurts your back).

After that slightly disjointed work-out, I was even more determined that I’m going to sign up for the beginners’ weightlifting classes, especially as I was able to observe what they were doing in the rest periods between sets of overhead squats.  I spoke to the same girl afterwards, and she said it was really good, and that she learned some useful stuff.  In the meantime, back to the running …

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