Running more tests

Wednesday usually involves running, but even I wasn’t expecting a whole WOD of it.  But I suppose it is “test” week, so we needed to record some times to aim for in the future.  Rather than work up from 200 metres to a mile, we worked down and then back up again, with the delightful prospect of burpees at the end.

Oh fuck
Oh fuck

So after a warm-up comprising hip and ankle stretching, followed by some sprints in the car park (we ditched the “light” 400m run), we set off on the first mile run.  The first 700 metres of the one-mile course are up a steep hill, and it was bad enough running up it once, but I knew I’d be much slower up it second time.

Round some rather attractive chemical plant silos, a smelly water-treatment plant, and a Turkish car repair garage, along the Kingsbridge Road for a bit, and you’re done!  The 800m run is up less of a hill, but uphill nonetheless, as is the 400m route.  Even the bloody 200m thrash is devoid of level ground.  I wonder what my times would have been if we were on a perfectly flat piece of land.

I suppose I could find such land and run those distances in my own time to find out, but on the undulations of this stupid city, this is how I did:

  • 1 mile – 7:15
  • 800m – 3:52
  • 400m – 1:41
  • 200m – 0:59
  • 400m – 1:54
  • 800m – 4:07
  • 1 mile – 8:40

I was quite happy with my time for the first mile, especially as the four people at the 06:15 WOD earlier this morning were all slower than that.  I finished in third place on the first two runs, and then dropped to fourth in the next four, before coming in fifth after the second mile.  Mind you, I had nothing left by that last run, and I was minded to go slower due to the max burpees in the remaining 12 minutes allowed.  Still, I knocked out 25 of the bastards before collapsing.  I really couldn’t be arsed with them.  Does ANYONE enjoy doing burpees?

And that was more or less it for today.  I’ve got some times to aim at now, and they’ve been entered into the aforementioned “PB board”, which really needs to be a lot bigger, although I’ve chopped the bottom three-quarters off here. It’s all a bit haphazard at the moment.  You’ll notice that only the most anal person at CrossFit has filled in all of his stuff …

Need something bigger
We definitely need something bigger than this for the wall

Those columns labelled “TEST 1” and “TEST 2” don’t look too promising, do they?  I suspect they might be tomorrow and Friday’s WODs.  Just leave the running out, eh?

Oh, and I made a determined effort to run more on the flat of my foot today, despite wearing my Nike running shoes for a bit of comfort.  You don’t think I’m going to run over three-and-a-half miles on tarmac in barefoot shoes do you?!  Maybe once my calves have got used to the shock I gave them today, but for now I’m easing myself in gently.  The advantage of having our WODs posted to the Facebook group the day before allows me to plan what I need to wear.  I can only imagine the agony my calves would be in now if I’ve turned up with only my Inov-8s.

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