Heavy, man …

I woke up this morning, and my glutes were on fire.  I walked downstairs like an old man (well, I *am* 41).  I was like the morning after my induction session all over again, but at a much reduced level.  And what had caused this discomfort?  My own stubbornness.

Hard on the legs
Hard on the legs, this one

In fact, the whole thing was a body-breaker for me, as the behind-the-neck push presses came with their own health hazard.  The idea here was to do four push presses starting with the bar behind your head, and then hold the fourth one and go into two overhead squats.  I was in a bit of a dilemma as my push press weight is 35kg, and my OHS is 25kg.  So I went right down the middle, and put 30kg on the bar, hoping to at least improve on my OHS best.  The problem wasn’t the overhead squat – it was lowering the bar down behind my head after each push press.  My right arm was hurting during this move, and the bar came down right onto to the top of my spine, causing some nice bruising.  I had to get my rack partner to spot the bar on the way down after a few of those.  It’s more than likely a shoulder mobility issue that’s preventing my arms from bringing the bar down further back than I could manage.  As for the OHS, that was fine – just about.  More on that later.

With that out of the way, I then had to make another decision about what weight I was going to choose for the front-rack lunge-walking.  I can front-squat 45kg, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do ten walking lunges with that weight, and I was right.  I could barely do four sets of ten with the 35kg I went with.  I think I went too heavy with that, to be fair.  I took 5kg off for the final set and it was a lot easier, but my legs had gone by then, so my form was still rubbish.

The last part of the session was a 21-15-9 involving kettlebell thrusters (both hands) and box jumps.  At least I can do box jump properly, but guess what – once again I went too heavy on the kettlebells.  I had a practice go with a couple of 16kg kettlebells, and I could barely get up out of the squat, so I dropped to 12kg.  As it happens I should have gone down to 8kg.  The coach even said we should go for speed instead of weight here.  It was a real struggle getting the damn things overhead after the pounding my legs had taken from the lunges, and I have to admit that I didn’t do the full 21 or 15 on those rounds.  I didn’t really care by that point; the whole session had been a complete disaster so far as weight choices were concerned, and I was cursing myself for being too stubborn to go lighter.  My time of 7:01 meant nothing, as I’d cheated the WOD, which is one of the cardinal rules of CrossFit one must not break.  I’m going straight to burpee hell.

Back to the overhead squat.  The Olympic weightlifting coach is running a beginners’ session on this tomorrow evening, concentrating on flexibility, mobility and stability.  On seeing this I immediately signed up, as it’s one area where my form and strength is lacking.  This means I won’t be going to the WOD tomorrow, but to be honest my legs don’t feel as if they’d be up to it.  I also need to speak to the resident physiotherapist about my shoulder mobility in general, as I feel it’s affecting too many things at the moment.

I wonder if I’ll have learned my lesson about choice of weight by the next WOD …

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