“You’ll notice a difference”

This is the start of week 12 for me.  They said that after three months I’d notice a difference.   Well, I’ve noticed that I’m a few hundred pounds poorer from membership fees and the equipment I NEEDED to buy (no, YOU shut up).  Weight-wise, I’m the same as I was when I started – around the 12 stone, nine pound mark.  I’m glad I lost two stone over summer before I started doing this, as I’d probably still be above 14 stone otherwise.  I have no idea how much fat has magically turned into muscle. I assume a certain amount has, or I wouldn’t be able to lift as much as I can already.  This belly could still do with getting a little flatter, mind …

Anyway, enough of that – back to work:

Simple, stupid
Simple, stupid

The coach described today as “simple, stupid”, as a few people had been to the CrossFit Christmas party on Saturday and were probably still feeling the effects.  I had to work, so I wasn’t feeling anything except seething resentment at my shift pattern preventing me from going too.

Overhead squat holds are easy enough, but they start burning after a while.  The OHS is one area in which I am improving slowly, having had poor mobility and technique when I first started.  Part A was five sets of three push presses (from behind-the-neck) followed immediately by three overhead squats.  There’s no way I can OHS my best push press weight of 42.5kg yet, so I went for my OHS best – 30kg to begin with.  I then stuck another 2.5kg on for the final set.  I was a little wobbly, but I managed it without getting that feeling that the bar was going to fall forward as I so often do with the OHS.

So a small improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.  No chance of that for part B – lunge walks with the bar in the front rack position.  You may remember that last time we did these I put 35kg on the bar and destroyed my legs.  Despite the board saying “add weight from last time”, I went down to 25kg.  As it happens I think I would have managed 30kg, but I’d rather drop back and start building up again with these buggers.  Anyway, I had my eye on the WOD at the end of the session, and I wanted my legs to be able to do 20-inch box jumps!

The coach said the WOD was “Ship”, which is one of the “Hero WODS” that CrossFit do.  I looked it up afterwards, and it turns out that what we did today isn’t quite the same as the official definition of this one.  The real WOD is nine rounds for time with heavier weights and taller boxes, whereas we did a seven-minute AMRAP with less of each.  It was still one to make your heart beat just a little faster – three power snatches (bar from floor to overhead in one fluid movement, remember), followed by six box jump burpees (our box’s standard punishment exercise for people who leave equipment lying around, or who don’t book in for their sessions).  Repeat for seven minutes and do try not to collapse, there’s a dear.

I started with 30kg on the bar for the power snatches, but my right arm had developed a little niggle, so I quickly knocked the 2.5kg plates off after two rounds, and it was a little less troublesome.  The box jump burpees were actually quite enjoyable.  I really have no idea why I love box jumps so much, but I just do.  Every burpee was just about perfect too – I could hardly string three together at the on-ramp course, but now I can knock them out like there’s no tomorrow.  I managed a total of six rounds plus three box jump burpees in the seven minutes, and it would have been more if I hadn’t taken the time to reduce the weight of the bar.

And that was it.  I suspect Wednesday will be more strenuous, especially as it’s usually “running” day.  Bring it on.

How hard is it?
How hard is it to spell “Neil”?

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