“Total CrossFit”

I’ve had a few days off updating my exploits, mostly due to a sporadic attendance record due to stupid work shifts.  I’ve done a bit of running, jumping and lifting in the last week or so, but today was all about lifting.  We had 15 minutes each on three disciplines in which to reach our 1Rm weight (one rep max  – the most you can lift for one rep before having to drop it).  The total weight we lifted in all three disciplines was added together to give a “total” for the session (dubbed “Total CrossFit”).  No picture of the actual work tonight, as I forgot to take one.

The first thing was strict press.  I’ve been stuck at 35kg for a few weeks on this, and I’m still stuck on 35kg.  I tried 37.5kg but I could only get it halfway up before I ran out of strength.  I had three goes at it, but it wasn’t happening, so I got grumpy and gave up.  There’s not much more to say about that.

Next it was back squat.  We’ve been doing these quite a bit of late, so I was confident of getting past my PR of 55kg.  I started at 55kg and quickly passed through 60kg, 65kg, and 70kg with ease, finally hitting the wall at 72.5kg.  That more than made up for the strict press failure.  Where on Earth is all this extra strength coming from?

We haven’t done much in the way of dead lifts over the last couple of months, and when we have they’ve been part of a timed work-out, so I’ve always been working light at 40kg, for speed.  I did lift 60kg previously, but that was also over a number of reps, so I thought I could probably go past that for a one-rep max.  And again, I whizzed up through the stages – 60kg, 65kg, 70kg, and 75kg.  There was just enough time at the end of the 15 minutes to try 80kg, and up it came – just.  The magic 100kg can’t be too far away.

At the end I did a few 20-second handstand holds (facing the wall, of course as I’m not confident in being able to kick myself up into a traditional one yet).  I might surprise myself and try a standard one next time.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

So, here are the scores from today.  I’m the Neil at the bottom, and not the one who was in at 06:00.

A range of scores
A range of scores from people of all abilities

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