Eleven thrusters thrusting

Just a quick update today, outlining Christmas Eve’s “12 Days of Christmas” WOD.  Most CrossFit boxes do a variation of this every Yuletide, and they’re designed to make you work hard, with the incentive of being able to eat more food the following day. 🙂

On the face of it, the work to be done looks easy enough:

Christmas punishment
Christmas punishment, to make room for all that shit food

Anyone can do six box jump burpees – even YOU.  But of course you have to do this in the style of the Christmas song, but going up the list rather than down it.  So you start off doing one power clean, and then you do one power clean followed by two front squats.  And then you do all that again, but followed by three muscle ups/pull-ups/ring-rows.  And then you do all THAT again, followed by four handstand push-ups/normal push-ups.  And then … well, you get the idea.  The final round is everything on the board in the order shown.  You could choose any weights you liked for the various lifts, and we were advised to go light, as we’d be knackered by the end.

The long and short of it is that you perform the following:

  • 12 power cleans
  • 22 front squats
  • 30 ring rows
  • 36 push-ups
  • 40 kettlebell swings
  • 42 box jump burpees (20-inch box)
  • 42 box dips (in lieu of ring dips for me)
  • 40 knees-to-chest (can’t do toes to bar yet)
  • 36 power snatches
  • 30 lunges with a plate held overhead
  • 22 thrusters
  • 12 dead lifts

A total of 364 reps in a row.  I managed the first five rounds with my Santa hat on, but I had to take it off during the first set of box jump burpees as the bobble kept smacking me in the face (and my head was bloody hot).  I was the first person of eight to finish the whole thing, but that’s because a lot of the other people could do muscle-ups and HSPUs, and they take longer to do than the stuff I was doing as substitutes.  I was also going at quite a pace at the start as there was a 45-minute time limit, and I didn’t want to be timed-out as I inevitably slowed down towards the end.  As it was, I was finished in 32 minutes and three seconds, feeling quite pleased with my efforts.

And that was that.  I think I made enough room for all the food I ate yesterday …

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