New Year, New Me (oh shut up)

It’s been almost a month since I posted here.  I think I made a sub-conscious decision to stop posting about every day, and restrict myself to periodic updates.

So with that in mind, where am I up to now?  Well, this was the state of play on the 31st of October, the last time I posted a progress report:

  • Back squat – 35kg
  • Power clean – 25kg
  • Clean and jerk – 30kg
  • Front squat – 42.5kg
  • Overhead squat – 15kg
  • Push press – 35kg
  • Strict press – 20kg
  • Power snatch – 25kg
  • Thruster – 25kg
  • Dead lift – 60kg

After much running, jumping, skipping, throwing, and lifting, my improvements over the last 79 days are:

  • Back squat – 72.5kg (+37.5kg)
  • Power clean – still 25kg (haven’t worked much on this)
  • Clean and jerk – 37.5kg (power clean, push jerk, +7.5kg)
  • Front squat – 55kg (+12.5kg)
  • Overhead squat – 32.5kg (+17.5kg)
  • Push press – 42.5kg (+7.5kg)
  • Strict press – 36kg (+16kg)
  • Power snatch – still 25kg (ditto power clean – I can do more)
  • Thruster – 25kg (yeah, whatever – nasty things)
  • Dead lift – 85kg (over 100% of my body weight, +25kg)

In addition, my split jerk is now 50kg, although I haven’t tried cleaning that weight up yet (I did the 50kg jerk from a squat rack).  If I can clean it, then my C&J weight will be 50kg.  At the moment my squat clean max is 40kg, so I’m almost there.

In addition to this, my best times for the runs are:

  • 200m – 0:59
  • 400m – 1:41
  • 800m – 3:52
  • 1 mile – 7:15

AND, on top of that, earlier today I took part in my first ever 5K Parkrun, coming in at a reasonable 27 minutes dead.  I’m quite chuffed with that, and I know I can go much faster as the ground conditions were terrible (mud, ice, streams).  Once the ground dries out and hardens up, I’m going to start aiming for 20 minutes.

As for things like pull-ups, toes-to-bar and double-unders, they’re proving harder to come by, although I did manage ten double-unders the other day, but only one at a time.  Oh, I also bought some new Nanos, so I suppose they’ll do for this posts’s obligatory picture. 🙂

New Nanos
New Nanos (nearest the camera)

I think that’s everything.  As you were.

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