My first proper workout

So, I suppose you’re wondering if I went back to CrossFit, and how I got on when I did.  Well, I did go back.  As I’m working late shift this week, the 11am sessions have been ideal for me.  As a result, there I was on Monday morning, walking into a room of people I didn’t know, and introducing myself to the trainer (and letting him know it was my first session, so he didn’t kill me).  That, in itself, was a barrier climbed.

Just before we were due to start, the other guy from my induction course strolled in, so I went to chat to him.  This was his second workout, so I suspected we were going to be at roughly the same sort of level.  On the other side of the coin, a man known as “The Captain” was there – a veteran of six years at CrossFit, and a regular representative of our box at the CrossFit Games.  I had no intention of trying to compete against HIM!

The trainer gathered us round, and talked us through the workout:

Here we go then - workout number one!
Here we go then – workout number one!

As you can see, it looks a lot easier than the induction, (see my second-ever post, and it was!  After the warm-up, the first section comprised five sets of three strict presses (lifting the bar from your shoulders to overhead), followed by lowering the bar to below your knees and pulling it up into your stomach (bent over rows).  I decided to start off with the 15kg bar with two 5kg weights on each end, just to see what I could lift straight out of the box.  I was able to do it, so I was quite pleased about that.

The second section was three sets of ten overhead squats (squatting down with the bar held over your head).  For this I used the bar only, as I wanted to work on my technique, as well as wanting to go easy on my legs!  No problems there, although my quads were starting to feel it by the end.  Note to self – remember to keep your arms back throughout!

And then the bastard made us to seven sets of one-minute bursts of burpees.  Everyone hates burpees, and one girl decided against it altogether.  I wish I had too, as I can’t yet do burpees without crashing my knees into the floor, and they are now quite sore from the experience.  I missed the fourth set, as I was knackered, and managed a total of 60 burpees in six minutes.  Not particularly impressive, especially when you consider that a man a few years older than me did 139!  Improvement needed.

However, at the end I felt satisfied that I’d completed my first proper workout, and grateful that my legs didn’t feel anything like they had done nine days previously.

I said "60"; he wrote "70". I was too tired to argue.
I said “60”; he wrote “70”. I was too tired to argue.

Onwards and upwards!

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