My first sense of achievement

Well, my body didn’t scream at me after my first workout, so I decided to bite the bullet and go to my second workout on Wednesday.  A similar number of people were there, including a girl who was at Monday’s workout.

Two 1km runs? Are you kidding me?!
Two 1km runs? Are you kidding me?!

The warm-up was easier than last time, including the rather comical sight of a line of people all power-lunging across the room, like some kind of fitness Conga.

The front squat should be easy enough (squat with the bar resting on your shoulders, on top of your chest, fingers on bar, elbows out and up), but I have poor mobility in my shoulders, and I can’t quite get my elbows high enough.  When I do get them high enough, the bar is pushing into my throat, making me feel sick.  I was shown an exercise I can do with a band to help with that, so there’s another area that needs work.

Regardless, I was able to front squat 25kg with no other issues (although I started at 20kg), and this part of the workout was gentle enough to prepare me for what lay ahead …

A 1km run?!  Our CrossFit is located in an industrial estate, which is on a massive hill.  The 1km route involves running up a picturesque road (think furniture warehouses and car-repair garages, with the faint waft of Chinese food), along a dual carriageway, and then down a hill past an old railway line.  I had intended to do the “L1” run (600m, and turn LEFT out of the car park) but for some reason, like a twat, I followed everyone else out to the RIGHT, and before I knew it I was running the 1km route.  I was last-but-one to finish (no surprises there), but running’s not my forte, and I was treating it as a gentle jog once I was over the top of the hill.

Once back, it was straight into as many wall balls (squat down with medicine ball, stand up, and throw it up the wall as high as you can, catch it, and repeat) as you could in whatever was left of the seven minutes allowed for them and the run (if you follow).  I did the run in six minutes, so I was able to get 12 balls in before it was straight back out for ANOTHER 1KM RUN!  Well this time, I DID only do the 600m course, along with one of the girls.  We jogged it together, as she was the last finisher on the previous run, and I didn’t want to leave her behind.  Teamwork and all that.

Back into the box, and then it was 30 more wall balls for time.  I was in agony after 15, but I wasn’t going to cheat and call time before I’d done all 30.  And I just about did it too.  I was glad I chose the 3kg ball to start with.  I saw no point in trying to be macho and using the 9kg one!  Technique, not speed …

I turned round, looked at the digital clock, and saw “13:46”.  I was quite impressed.  You may think, “Yeah but you only did a 600m run second time, so you got back before the others”.  Er, wrong.  The fastest 2k runners were back in the box AT THE SAME TIME as the other girl and me, and so I started my 30 wall balls at the same time as them.

I'm pretty impressed with this time.
I’m pretty impressed with this time.

For once, I wasn’t the “worst” performer, but I try not to get competitive with these things.  The fact I wasn’t trailing behind on 12 balls while everyone else was standing there watching me struggle to finish was very pleasing.  My first proper sense of achievement at CrossFit.  And I don’t do running!  What was I thinking?  (Mental note – at a steady pace, and on flat ground, my 5K time would be around 30 to 35 minutes.  I have no idea if that’s good or not.)

Once we were done, one of the more experienced guys took us through some proper warm-down stretching exercises – always stretch it out, people.  I’ll be doing Yoga before you know it …

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