The dreaded “Friday workout”

Friday workouts at our box are meant to be a little more strenuous than the Monday to Thursday affairs.  For the first four days of the week the emphasis is on strength work via the weights.  Friday is more cardio-based, and today’s didn’t disappoint in that area.

I arrived to find this written on the board:

Wow, are you trying to kill me?
Wow, are you trying to kill me?

Five 800m runs?  Can I not just do arm rotations or something?  Sadly not.  The warm-up consisted of a group run up to the 400m point (go LEFT out of the car park, remember?), and then just for good measure we ran the 800m circular route, so we knew where to go.  Throw in a few jumping jacks, air squats, and burpees, and you’re ready to go.

I was in a group with two girls, one of whom I recognised from earlier in the week, and we agreed to take it easy on the runs.  The long and short of it is that I kept up with them on the first three runs, but was back about 30 seconds after them on the last two.  However, my kettle bell swings were fast, as were my pull-ups, which were of the “jumping” variety (stand on a box under the bar, bend your legs down, arms holding the bar, jump up, pull your chin over the bar, back down to bent legs, and straight back up again).  We had to share the reps between us, in rotation, which was just as well, as I was hurting a bit by the fourth round.

As we set out for the fifth run, I was determined to not stop, as I knew I’d never get started again.  And you know what made it worse?  A bloody trashy fast-food van parked right at the end of the run, wafting the sickly smell of grease up the road.  There was a woman sat at it (yes, SAT at it), and I ran past her twice in the time it took her to finish off the shit she was eating.

I did the final ten pull-ups for our team, and we posted a time of 44:49.  Not bad, at all.  To be fair though, we were using lighter kettle bells than the other teams, and the teams of men were also doing strict pull-ups.  As a result, they came in a couple of minutes behind us.  But I’m not going to concede anything on the running.  I did all 4k of it, and I’m sure it was longer than that (I must remember to measure it on the internet).

The second part of the work-out (the back squats) was optional, and most of us dipped out at this point.  My legs were gone from the running, so I think I’ll save them for Monday evening.  But that’s another huge sense of satisfaction at having done a work-out that had the potential to kill me.  See you next week!

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