Mind games

I’ve been going to CrossFit for a week now, and I appear to have developed an annoying problem.  I worry about what’s going to be in every work-out before I go in.  I worry that I’ll be left behind if there’s a part where you have to do things “for time”, such as running (which I hate).  I worry about the response I’ll get when I tell the coach that I have to scale something back.  Why don’t I just do it and fail at it?

Tonight’s work-out had more running in it.  I couldn’t face it, so I did rowing instead.  I also still can’t do three proper press-ups in a row, and sit-ups are a struggle too.  So to be given this to do was somewhat disheartening:

Enough with the running!
Enough with the running!

I did 600m, 300m, and 100m rows respectively in lieu of the running, and managed a total of 3k before 30 minutes was up.  I still did the press-ups (on my knees), and sit-ups, until I couldn’t physically do them any more, so I substituted squats instead.

As for the first part, the power clean/snatch is the one technique that I struggle with as a newbie to weightlifting.  I get ahead of myself, and end up muscling the bar up, instead of shrugging my shoulders and dropping under it.  I asked the coach to watch my reps, and by the fifth set I must have been doing something right, because he shouted, “Good reps, Neil!”.  I even had some weight on the bar, although tonight was more about technique.

It didn’t “feel” like I was doing it right, and I can’t watch myself side-on to check.  I’ll take his word for it.

Please, no running on Wednesday.

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  1. Another great post, Neil. Love your honesty in particular.
    I feel exactly the same way ‘pre-gym’ when I train with ‘Mr Marine’….for me it’s the unknown with the root cause being fear of failure. I struggle with body weight exercises (bar squats). One pull up, a handful or press ups etc… But each session I aim for “just one more” – you know?

    Marine Boy tells me your mind gives up long before your body – your body can physically do it, it’s weather you believe it can. Admittedly I found this hard to accept at first..!

    I think….you have to approach each session like this: You know [generally] what’s going to be the content; so go in with the mind set of “today, I’m going to fucking smash this.” Even if instead of three times on the rower, to the first one as running – when you’re strongest and not so fatigued – and the other two on the rower. Next time, the first two as running, last one on the rower….you get the idea.
    Never quit. Never don’t do anything….because you can, you just need to develop self confidence in an environment you’re new too. The press ups and sit ups will come in time, I promise. Set a goal: (e.g 10 press ups: 2 full, and 8 on your knees. Etc etc. then in time, up it to 3 or 4 full. Before you know it your chest, shoulders and triceps have adjusted to what you’re asking them to do and you’ll bang out 20 full press ups 🙂 🙂

    Good luck and keep going mate.

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