Call an ambulance!

But not for me.

Yesterday’s work-out appeared relatively “easy” when compared to more recent ones, but several of our number found it tough-going for a variety of reasons.

Work-out of death (for some, anyway)
Work-out of death (for some, anyway)

So we started out with the ankle mobility and Burgener warm-up (it’s a practice warm-up for the movements involved in lifting weights).  Then we did some lying around in uncomfortable positions followed by some burpees.  All present and correct so far.

Then we started the running …

Two minutes to run 400m (first 200m metres uphill of course), and fit in as many burpees as you could manage.  Rest for two minutes, and then do it all again four times.  The first run claimed the first victim –  a girl who had a breathing issue, and so she was sensibly stood down.  The third run featured one of the new guys performing several spectacular projectile vomit manoeuvres in the middle of the road.  To be fair, he carried on and finished the runs.  By the fourth run, another guy had bitten the dust with back issues.  He disappeared homewards too.

At the end of it a fourth person was down on the floor, looking a bit queasy.  I wonder how I didn’t end up crocked myself, given how unfit I am, running all over an industrial estate in the dark, in a thunderstorm.  Of course, I had the lowest number of burpees, as my runs were lasting just under two minutes, so I only had time for a couple when I got back.  This confirms what I already knew, and what I keep banging on about – I am shit at running.

Still, at least we got the running out of the way at the start.  Those of us who were left standing proceeded to the weightlifting part of the work-out, and we spent 15 minutes ironing out our power clean and jerk technique.  Seventy-five reps in total, with the emphasis on technique and NOT weight.  I managed to fix a couple of issues, namely my starting posture and the tendency to arch my back as I bring the bar up to my shoulders.

I think the Burgener warm-up helps a lot with this, and the coach told us that we’ll be doing it at every session from now on, to get our muscles used to the movements required of them.

Just to round things off, one girl could have done with arching something out of the way, as she lifted the bar right up into her face and almost took her nose off.  NURSE!


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