Week Three

So, the start of week three, and seven work-outs in.  Do I feel as if I’m getting anywhere?  Well, not really.  It’s still too early for any serious muscle strength to have manifested itself, but I don’t hurt anywhere near as much as I do after work-outs now as I did after the first couple (and especially after the induction course).  I’m claiming that as an improvement.

I would have gone in yesterday, but the car was being fixed in the morning, and I was working in the afternoon.  So today was my first Tuesday WOD, and when I arrived the only other people there were the trainer and a girl I’ve seen a few times at CF now.  She was practising the Burgener warm-up, and I joined her for a couple of goes.

K practices the Burgener warm-up
K practises the Burgener warm-up in an empty CrossFit box

Two more girls walked in, and that was it – four of us.  But that’s good, as it’s more fun with fewer people, and you get more one-on-one coaching.

Tuesday WOD - nice and easy
Tuesday WOD – nice and easy

So in pairs we took the first bit nice and easy, chatting between reps of back squats and strict presses (pushing the bar over your head without dipping at the knees first).  I got a stark reminder of how much strength I need to build in my upper body; the girl I was paired with (in the picture above) can press 35kg over her head, and I was struggling with just the 20kg bar by my fifth set.  She’s just a bit shorter than me, and her arms are the same size as mine.  It’s not fair. 🙂

After that, we had a quick eight-minute MetCon, with all of us going for level 1.  Handstand push-ups? Really?  No thanks.  Not yet, anyway.  I need more muscle up top for those.  I didn’t do the 40kg power cleans during this – I scaled back to 25kg, as we’d be doing ten of them a few times, and I was conscious that I’d made my back hurt a bit by doing 60kg dead-lifts during Friday’s MetCon.  I managed four rounds of ring rows, press-ups, and power cleans in the eight minutes.  I’m happy with that, especially as I managed three press-ups in a row.  You may laugh, but I was on one-in-a-row last week.

Oh, as a footnote, I was talking to one of the girls about running, and how shit I am at it.  She told me that she is worse, and in one of the WODs last week I was ahead of her, and she was using me as something to aim at, to help her keep up.  And I’m rubbish at running!  I was secretly flattered, but don’t you think I’m going to be running marathons any time soon.

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