This is the first time I’ve been to CrossFit two days in a row, and I was a little stiff in the thighs as I wandered in to find this on the board:

Something new - floor presses. The running's not new ...
Something new – floor presses. The running’s not new …

The warm-ups were quite involved, but then we had the resident Olympic weightlifting coach training us today, so we learned some new stuff that I hadn’t been told about before.  Lots of rolling around on the floor and stretching shoulders and hips with elastic bands, but it really opened me up, as I was still stiff from yesterday.

We got into pairs, and then it was a case of twenty minutes of alternating 15 reps of kettle-bell swings and ten of floor presses (lying on the floor and pressing the bar over your chest).  My partner had 25kg on the bar, and my body was happy to go with that.  I managed three lots of ten reps before I scaled back to five reps later on.  We both used the 20kg kettle-bell for the swings.

All throughout this, the rain was pouring onto the roof, getting heavier and heavier.  Just right for some running then.  One minute to run 200m, followed by as many squats as you could manage in the time remaining.  And do it all ten times, with a minute’s rest between runs.

The rain was torrential.  My T-shirt was soaked after each run, and I was last one in every time except once.  Naturally, I managed a grand total of zero squats, but I think the idea was to improve our running, as we’re all quite rubbish at it, and we all complain about it every time.

And now the bastard sun’s come out, just to taunt me.

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