My best WOD so far

The trainer who is currently devising all of the work-outs at our box is doing it in cycles.  So over the next few weeks and months we’ll be repeating certain things, and attempting to increase weight as we go, in an effort to beat personal bests.

With that in mind, today’s WOD involved stuff I’ve already done a couple of times, so what better opportunity to put some more weight on the bar? I didn’t want to waste the session just lifting my previous best.

It's easy to think this would be a stroll in the park.
It’s easy to think this would be a stroll in the park.

I was in a group of three, and I told them I was on 25kg for my front squat.  One guy set the bar up on the rack and said to me, “So 30 kilos, yeah?” with a slight smile.  My first instinct was to say no, but then I thought, “You’ll never get anywhere if you stay at 25.”  So I agreed, and did it no problem.  By the fifth set of three reps I had 35kg on the bar, and it was fine.  I reckon I can go to 40 next time.  If only my shoulder mobility would allow my elbows to come up slightly higher.

Emboldened by my new-found status as an Olympic-standard weightlifter, I decided to try to increase the weight on the push press too (previous best: 25kg, just).  I started at 25 for the first set, and stuck an extra 2.5kg on for the second.  “That flew up!” exclaimed one of my team-mates.  So I put another 2.5kg on, and that went skywards too, but with a little more effort as I was tiring now.  I was told I have good technique, which makes up for my front squat form.

The third part of the WOD was a “named” work-out – one that some sadistic coach thought up, and that is used by many CrossFit boxes.  “Isabel” is 30 snatches in as fast a time as you can manage.  That’s bar from the floor, straight up, and up over your head.  You could do full or power snatches – whichever you were comfortable with.  I found a few videos of people doing this work-out on YouTube beforehand, and it’s easy to see how it would knacker you out very quickly.  The recommended level 1 weight was 40kg for men, but I knew I’d never do 30 of those so I settled for 20kg to set an initial time for this (we’ll be doing this again in a few weeks).  We were in pairs – one person counts and encourages you while you work your arse off, and then you swap.

I went first, and did all 30 in two minutes and three seconds.  Really?!  I thought I’d be there for five minutes at least.  I clearly don’t know my own strength.  My partner took 3:14 to do his at 50kg.  Impressive.  He told me that my form was good except on a couple of reps when I muscled the bar overhead instead of getting under it, but I’m still new to this so I’ll take that.

And just to further enhance my reputation as a fitness machine, I managed five press-ups and ten sit-ups in a row without cheating during the warm-up.  Where do I sign up for the Olympics?

Progress is being made. I'm coming for you, Captain!
Progress is being made. I’m coming for you, Captain!

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