Mastering the washing line (well, partly)

Metabolic Conditioning.  Whenever you see that phrase in a WOD you know you’re going to be worked hard.  This is usually the kind of thing we get on a Friday, not on a Monday morning!

Happy sweat-fest Monday!
Happy sweat-fest Monday!

The first part was simply working on our snatch technique every other minute, with some overhead squats thrown in for good measure.  I’m getting there with the power snatch now (from floor to overhead in one movement, but without squatting down afterwards).  I can just manage 25kg now.  I’m not sure I could do a full snatch with that weight though, as I can barely overhead squat 20kg at the moment, and I’d probably have gone crashing backwards as I squatted down.

I think most people’s minds were on part B – the dreaded MetCon.  Having said that, I was kind of looking forward to it in a sadistic way, as I know I have to improve my cardio fitness, and you don’t do that by just lifting weights.  So a nice 800m run, and then straight into 50 wall balls and 50 double-unders when you get back.  I had no idea what a double-under was before CrossFit.  Once I realised it was skipping with what is essentially a length of nylon washing line I thought, “Well, that can’t be too hard, can it?”

Then I realised I can’t even skip with a washing line normally, let alone get the damned thing under my feet twice in one jump (hence “double-under”).  With that in mind (and having looked at the WOD on Facebook yesterday), I went in early today and practised skipping before we started.  After ten minutes I could do 40 singles in a row, no problem.  I then tried a double-under, and managed to whip myself in the back of the head.  OK, forget that for today, Neil – don’t try to run before you can skip.

If you couldn’t do double-unders in the MetCon, you had to do 100 singles instead, and I was happy with that, as I was up to 60 in a row once I got a rhythm going.  It knackers you out faster than you think!  Another 800m run, and then you get to do 50 dead lifts (at 40kg, because I’m a level 1 gimp).  Then do the whole list all over again.  They know how to keep us sweating.

On the second round I called it quits at 27 dead lifts, as I could feel my back starting to hurt.  I didn’t mind quitting, as I’d rather not spend the next three days laid out on the floor, unable to move.  Technique over speed, remember?  To make up for it, I did 50 or 60 more singles with the washing line, as a kind of self-punishment.

The clock showed 36 minutes when I stopped, and as the whole thing was capped at 40 minutes, that was the time I was given.  I’m not bothered at all that someone did it all in 29 minutes earlier in the day.  Even the “Captain” of previous posts was slower than me on the runs (much slower, in fact), proving that you may be able to snatch 100kg, but it means nothing in the context of overall fitness.  That’s why I’m happy to do this MetCon stuff.

But maybe not on Wednesday though, eh?

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